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Welcome to Pieceful Seams Quilt Shoppe!


It has been wonderful to have met so many fellow quilters at Ivy Thimble these past few weeks.  The well wishes are heart felt and I look forward to meeting many more enthusiastic quilters over the years.

Many have asked if I am a quilter and the answer is ‘YES”. I learned to sew in 4-H during my youth and I still use my 1970’s Singer sewing machine.  My mentors for quilting were Mary, Marge, and Millie- friends of my Mother who introduced me to the art and would be thrilled today to see where life is taking me.

As a life-long resident of Victor (minus 10 years for college and work) this town and community have been an important part of my life.  In 1990, my husband, and I moved back to Victor to raise a family. When our 3 children were young, we were active in scouts, sports, 4-H and field band with them. As they aged out of their activities we volunteered in different organizations.  I served as Trustee of the Victor Farmington Library, moved over to the Board of Directors for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ontario County and then to the Board of Education for the Victor Central School District. A few years ago, Tom and I joined Farmington Victor Kiwanis Club. Tom is an avid HAM radio operator and his club services many local events with radio communication. You may have an opportunity to meet him at the shoppe as he will be retiring in July after 42 years as a pharmacist.

Before the quilt shoppe thought came into my life, my career was in pest and disease management for agriculture and horticulture.  I had a wonderful position with a local company that specialized in biological crop protection, but I was beginning to wonder about doing something different, yet I didn’t have a clue as to what it would be—so I just kept making quilts!  When Trish shared with us her decision, I was just as saddened as so many of you were because Ivy had been my ‘go-to’ for fabric. In her note to us she mentioned how she has learned so much about quilting over the years and this was the light bulb that went on for me!  As a life-long learner this would be wonderful, so a few days later I stopped in to Ivy to see if Trish would be interested in selling and you know the rest of the story.

Visiting any quilt shop was an escape for me from the hustle and bustle of the day, so…

Let us make your visit the best experience of your day!